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“Many thanks for the ideas you have given me. I’ve gone from having a boring, underpaid 9-5 job, to running my own business and still having enough time to pursue my career as a musician. I can also give to charities now. That makes me feel absolutely brilliant about myself.” – S Tyers.

“I must write and congratulate you on your book…it was the best £20 I ever spent, and my income has increased by £100 a week for about 10 minutes work a day.” – J Bateman.

Your words in the book were very inspiring. I could not put the book down. It’s made an immense difference to my way of thinking. ‘How To Stop Working And Make A Million Pounds Instead’ is the best book I have ever read. It really is amazing how your words, which are nothing more than ink on paper, can inspire a person to immediately think about changing their life.” – S Parry.

“A brilliant insiders look at how anyone can get rich starting today – by someone who has actually done it. If you’ve ever aspired to making a big bundle of money as quickly and easily as possible, then you owe it to yourself to buy a copy right away.” – O Goehler.

“Your book brought everything into perspective for me, and the cover is now falling off because I am re-reading a lot of the content.” – P Godfrey.

A fascinating and inspiring read. The kind of book that makes you act on something NOW, instead of tomorrow, or next week.” – G Flintham.

“It is down to you that I have found the confidence to set up my own business.” – M Crowther.

“I’m a partner in a joint venture started from one of your ideas, and I’m very busy making money.” – A Potts.

“I’ve just finished your book, and this idea has everything. I was about to give up, but now I have hope again for my own business.” – J Marais.

“It’s because of you I’m now venturing into a business of my own and making good money from it.” – S Nixon.

“I have steadily implemented a number of  your most excellent ideas. They are working extremely well for me. Thanks to you my future is secure.” – S Tarry.

“I wish to complement you on a publication which is eloquently written in a language and format that is easy to understand and follow, as well as being simple and straight forward. Congratulations on this excellent work.” – J Rogers.

“That’s got to be one of the greatest entrepreneurial books of all time. And I’ve read lots!” – Peter Juszko.

“It changed my whole perspective to life. I have used 2 of the business ventures you suggested and they are doing fine. My life has been turned around. Thank you very much.” – Kofi Samuels.

“One of the best motivational books I have ever read.” – Lee Wood.

Inspiring, informative and very entertaining.” – Roger Bugden.

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